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Xanadu has been referred to in the movies Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Drowning Mona (2000),
Free Enterprise (1998), Gas Food Lodging (1992), Hudson Hawk (1991), and The Orkly Kid (1985).

In the February 22, 2008, episode of Lost, entitled "Eggtown," Hurley wants to watch a video.  He has a choice between Xanadu
and Satan's Doom, and guess which one he chooses?  You can hear Olivia singing in the background for over a minute!

In the Boston Legal episode "Roe v. Wade: The Musical," airing on January 22, 2008, the character Missy Tiggs goes through music
therapy, and she sings bits of "Xanadu" and "Magic" throughout the show.  Her rendition of "Xanadu" at the end is particularly moving.

In the September 30, 2007, episode of American Dad, "The Vacation Goo,"
Roger does a tribute to Olivia Newton-John on a cruise ship by singing "Xanadu."

In the April 17, 2003, episode of Will and Grace, "Leo Unwrapped," Will tries to get Leo to watch Xanadu with him.

In 2002, Mull Historical Society recorded a song called "Watching Xanadu."

On November 5, 2000, on the TV show Ed, episode "Better Days," Carol
drowns her sorrows over breaking up with Nick with a Xanadu marathon.

On the February 8, 1996, episode of Friends, "The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know," Phoebe scolds Chandler
and Joey for being lazy and watching too much TV, then notices Xanadu is on the TV and starts watching with them.